Cliff Albright

CliffCliff is our Chief Operating Officer and a shareholder in Stockton Graham & Co. Cliff makes sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly from inventory management, finance and accounting to IT and general administration. Cliff has been working in the coffee industry since 1999, but his roots are in IT system administration. Cliff is a SCAA Certified Brewmaster and Golden Cup Technician, so he crafts a great cup of coffee, as well.

He worked in the “Classic Coffees” retail stores and assisted in the operations of the coffee shop before Stockton Graham & Co. moved strictly into roasting and selling allied products. Cliff travels to coffee expos around the US to keep up with new trends and meet with vendors of specialty beverage products. To keep our staff up to date on our allied brands, he orchestrates training to keep our customer care associates at the top of their field.

Favorite Coffee: A café mocha with a double espresso shot and 1oz of chocolate. “I like my coffee strong and sweet to help me get going!”

When Cliff isn’t in the office, he enjoys traveling, shopping and fine dining.