Chris Bennett


Chris BennettChris is a Coffee Roasting Associate. He was formerly a Customer Care Associate at Stockton Graham & Co., which allows Chris to supplement the customer-centric approach to coffee for which our roasting team is known. He also puts his Specialty Coffee Association of America training to work by participating in roasting production, production QC and blending/packaging.

Prior to joining us, Chris was involved in the coffee industry for over five years as both a barista and shift-manager. Having worked at two different stores, Chris understands that every coffeehouse requires their own unique solutions to cater to their customers.

Since joining Dilworth, Chris has expanded his coffee industry knowledge. He is an SCAA Certified Level 1 Barista and a Barista Guild Member. He’s recently had the opportunity to hone his skills by helping create the company’s Taste Kitchen, a VIP experience where customers can prepare and taste new blended beverage options for their shops. What Chris likes most about the coffee business is that the many different facets of the industry bring people together from all over the world: from the growing, harvesting and processing of the bean to the perfectly brewed finished product presented to the customer.

A native of eastern North Carolina, Chris graduated from NCSU with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management. When Chris isn’t in the office, he can be found biking, hiking and backpacking—oftentimes with his dog Sunny. He plays guitar and enjoys movies in his free time. When he brews coffee at home, he prefers a Chemex because he prefers a tea-like body and this method produces the perfect amount of delicious tasting coffee.

Favorite Coffee: Ethiopia Limmu This natural processed bean is a perfectly balanced coffee with very fruit-forward strawberry and raspberry flavor notes that makes for a delicious cup.