Our Team

Stockton Graham & Co. associates blend different backgrounds and experiences into one common passion, COFFEE. Our staff is dedicated to the specialty coffee community, and helping to develop and maintain industry standards. Our associates are trained and knowledgeable in the world of coffee: the history, taste profiles and all types of brewing techniques. Every staff member goes through a Basic Barista Certification process, and we are constantly learning more about our varietals of coffees by cupping and brewing them, utilizing a variety of methods. Members of our team have been Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) instructors, judges, volunteers and speakers. Stockton Graham & Co. associates are experts in the industry, with a combined 100+ years of experience. We are devoted to helping our customers prosper, and our goal is to always to meet their unique needs. To learn more about the accomplishments and experience of the Stockton Graham & Co. team, check out the individual pages below.

Management Team

polaroid-jeffJeff Vojta:  Prior to starting his coffee business, Jeff was a senior manager for PWC, an accounting firm. His love for coffee lead him to start a coffee shop in 1994, “Classic Coffees”.  Well, the rest is Stockton Graham & Co. history; he started roasting his own coffees and selling to the local area.  Jeff has been in the coffee industry now since 1994 and has been a barista, roaster, delivery driver, green coffee buyer, trainer and, of course, our CEO. {read more}


CliffCliff Albright:  Cliff is our Chief Operating Officer and a shareholder in Stockton Graham & Co. Cliff makes sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly from inventory management, finance and accounting, to IT and general administration. Cliff has been working in the coffee industry since 1999, but his roots are in IT system administration. Cliff is a SCAA Certified Brewmaster and Golden Cup Technician, so he crafts a great cup of coffee, as well. {read more}


Roaster Team


polaroid-bradBrad Kirby: Brad is Director of Coffee & Coffee Operations at Stockton Graham & Co. and Dilworth Coffee. He leads green coffee buying, serves as our roastmaster and manages day-to-day coffee production for our customers. He also manages equipment and facilities, coffee-related inventories and purchases. He oversees daily roast batch quality control and coordinates shipping and receiving. He is known for his quality roasting and utilizing cuppings to ensure the highest quality of coffee. {read more}


poleroid-bennettChris Bennett: Chris is a Coffee Roasting Associate. He was formerly a Customer Care Associate at Stockton Graham & Co., which will allow Chris will supplement the customer-centric approach to coffee that our roasting team is known for. He will also put his Specialty Coffee Association of America training to work by participating in roasting production, production QC and blending/packaging. {read more}


Rob SchuetzRob Scheutz: Rob is a Coffee Production Associate who holds a B.S. in Food Science from North Carolina State University. He assists the coffee production team in roasting and packaging coffee and helps lead our compliance with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). {read more}


Sales Team

polaroid-thomThom Swain: Thom’s entire career has been related to coffee or specialty beverage service. He is now a Business Development Representative at Stockton Graham & Co., but he has been in customer support, roasting, equipment maintenance, delivery and more! Thom began working in the coffee industry and for us in 1998. He also has experience in franchise operations and marketing. Thom’s main goal each day is to help his customers succeed. {read more}


polaroid-debbieDebra Dolan: Debra is the Business Development Representative in the Northeast Region for Stockton Graham & Co. Having been in the specialty coffee market since 2000, Debra has done everything from owning and running her own coffee shop to directing a specialty coffee division for a food center. She is certified as a SCAA Golden Cup Technician. {read more}


Brady Butler Stockton Graham & Co.Brady Butler: Brady is a Business Development Associate/Field Liaison for Stockton Graham & Co. and Dilworth Coffee. He focuses his attention on advising customers in the greater Charlotte area, supporting coffeehouses, restaurants, hotels and others who are starting or improving their business by offering specialty coffee. He also serves as Chair of the Brewing Pathway Committee for the Specialty Coffee Association of America. {read more}


Customer Care

poleroid-olsonLauren Olson: Lauren is the customer success manager and also works with private labels. Prior to joining Stockton Graham & Co., she was one of our favorite customers.  In addition to graduating from our Coffee College in March of 2016, Lauren gained invaluable real life experience opening and running the coffee program of a very successful coffee shop in the area, Cafe Helios. {read more}


Alex Jeans:  Alex is our resident barista, receiving his SCAA/BGA Level 1 Barista Certification in 2015. Prior to joining Stockton Graham & Co., he worked at a cafe for 5 years as a Head Barista.  After refining his technique and expanding his coffee knowledge in our Coffee College course, he is now our resident Barista Trainer and leads all our barista training courses for customers. {read more}


poleroid-girkinCameron Gurkin: Cameron is a Customer Care Associate who loves the ever-changing world of coffee. He is a masterful communicator with an understanding of what it takes to interpret client requests into exceptional products and advice. For Cameron, good customer service is as important as a good cup of coffee.  {read more}


Shipping & Receiving Team

Johnny Black Stockton GrahamJohnny Black: Johnny is part of the shipping and receiving team. His duties include pulling product for orders then packing, labeling and shipping customer orders. His attention to detail is essential in the success of Stockton Graham & Co. Johnny served 5 years as a Ships Serviceman in the Navy, running the onboard Barbershop and the ships store, during the Gulf War.  {read more}


polaroid-robbieRobbie Oakley: Robbie handles many tasks in the warehouse throughout the day. He considers himself responsible for accurately picking and packing each customer’s order and ensuring that it arrives in a timely and intact manner. Prior to working at Stockton Graham & Co., Robbie was Co-Owner of an Offset Printing Company in Durham for 13 years. Because of his experience, Robbie is a great worker and leader. {read more}