A perennial flavored coffee favorite for Winter

You may already be familiar with Stockton Graham’s seasonal favorite, Winter Wonderland, but recently I’ve had a couple customers ask me what’s in it. While it is a flavored coffee, the blend of flavors is so harmonious, that the end result is simply cozy and delicious. The flavors in Winter Wonderland are hazelnut and caramel, “blanketed by a powdery snow of vanilla and coconut”.

I like mine with a shot of Monin Caramel syrup and a splash of cream. Last week, I took a travel mug of Winter Wonderland with me on my morning commute and I swear it helped defrost my windows, and kept me snug on the way into work!

We developed this flavor in 2000 upon the request of a local customer. The inspiration was a warm and comforting Holiday coffee reminiscent of baked goods, like a Seven Layer Bar.  You can taste it in the balance and subtlety in this blend. This warming coffee makes a delicious and satisfying decaf as well.

You might try pairing Winter Wonderland with comfy baked treats like Hazelnut biscotti, or whole wheat toast with Nutella and a half a grapefruit – for the New Years dieting crowd like myself. It’s also stellar with anything chocolate.

In honor of Winter Wonderland’s 10th anniversary, I made a Winter Wonderland inspired cake for my co-workers here at SGC. It’s a dark chocolate cake flavored with coffee, iced with a hazelnut buttercream and garnished with some Caffe D’Amore toasted coconut and Ghiradelli sweet ground cocoa powder. I used Winter Wonderland coffee (of course!) in the cake batter and I brushed the cake layers with Monin caramel syrup before icing to add flavor and seal in the crumbs. Yum!

Here’s a liquid version for you:

Winter Wonderland Mocha, 12oz serving

6oz freshly brewed Winter Wonderland coffee
1oz Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce
1oz Monin Caramel Syrup or Hazelnut Syrup
2oz Milk
Whipped Cream
Caffe D’Amore Toasted Coconut or chopped hazelnuts

Add Syrup and Chocolate Sauce to milk in pitcher and steam.
Add flavored milk to coffee. Top with whipped cream, a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce and toasted coconut or chopped hazelnuts.
Plate this with a lovely baked good on the side and watch your customers melt into their chairs!

Save $1.00/lb on Winter Wonderland January 1st through the 8th!

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Laura Heyda
Stockton Graham & Co.