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Stockton Graham & Co. is committed to making specialty coffee accessible by being a nexus of all the things you need to run a successful coffee business. A nationally known coffee roaster based in North Carolina, we roast and distribute the specialty coffee brand Dilworth Coffee and Batch 0995 coffee for the foodservice and convenience market. We also distribute Torani, Monin, Dr. Smoothie, Ghirardelli, Oregon Chai, Big Train, Solo and a wide variety of coffee brewing and espresso equipment. By blending the art and business of coffee, we help specialty coffee businesses succeed.

The article excerpts below are from Graham’s Gazette, a blog authored by our core support team with tips, promotion ideas and other information designed to help you build a successful specialty coffee business!

The Bulaago Coffee Project

The Bulaago Coffee Project

January 3, 2018

Our Uganda Bulaago coffee comes from a small village in the Buzabiti District, part of the larger Bugisu region of Uganda. Despite being one of the smaller countries in Africa, Uganda ranks second in the continent’s coffee production as well [read more]

Questions for the New Coffee Shop Owner

When starting any new business, such as a new coffee shop, there are hundreds of things to consider and questions to ask one’s self. And of course, someone taking over anexisting café location is going to have a completely different [read more]

Featured Coffees from Sumatra

Coffees from Sumatra, the western-most island in Indonesia have long been popular for their distinctive flavors. When new crops reach market, we try numerous samples to make sure we discover the very best of what the island has to offer. [read more]

Ready for The Holidays? Part 2

Ready for The Holidays? Part 2

November 13, 2017

(Continued from Part 1) Back of the House The goal of any coffee shop or retail business should be to make it easy for shoppers during the busy holiday sales period. They are often in a hurry so they are [read more]

Featured Coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere

Considered by most to be the original home of the coffee plant, it makes sense that Ethiopia produces some of the very finest beans available. Coffee, which still grows wild in Ethiopia’s mountain forests, was discovered many hundreds of years [read more]

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