Seasonal Retail Coffee POS Programs

Looking to build a customized seasonal retail coffee program in your shop? We can help you source great coffees for the season, and provide you with marketing and point-of-sale advertising materials to build interest with your guests and increase sales! Contact us at 800.835.5943 today to discuss adding seasonal coffees to your retail program.

Stockton Graham Coffees Seasonal Retail Coffee POS

Tips for Selling:
• Have fun with this promotion and be sure to suggestively sell it
• Offer sales incentives to staff, i.e., movie passes or mall gift cards
• Consider offering a free ¼ lb. with the purchase of other retail coffee
• Offer $1 off for the first few weeks of the feature
• Make sure to incorporate the features in your brewed coffee rotation
• Brew and taste each feature to educate your staff
• Be prepared to give a description of the coffee when customers ask
• Consider putting out an airpot with sample cups on busy mornings