Iced, Iced Coffee

There’s a time every year when the world changes. It’s the time when the entire population seemingly switches from hot drinks to cold drinks. And it’s the time of year that your store should be brewing iced coffee.

In North Carolina, where Stockton Graham & Co. is located, that time of year typically comes in mid-April when temperatures suddenly rise out of the comfortable 70s. In the Northwest, Iced Coffee Season can start as late as Independence Day weekend. But rest assured, it will come. And it will transform your business for a stretch of four to six months.Ice Coffee

What will your business do when Iced Coffee Season begins?

Stockton Graham & Co. roastmasters, baristas, brewmasters and coffee afficionados tried several beans and roasts, brewed in multiple formats, to craft the perfect iced coffee blend. Stockton’s Iced Coffee Blend is a blend of sweet and bright coffees featuring our exquisite Brazil Alta Mogiana Peaberry.

A departure from other Brazilian varietals, our Alta Mogiana Peaberry is packed full of soft, sweet flavors balanced nicely with hints of dried apricots and other stone fruits. The body is exceptionally smooth and provides a nice base for the building acidity and clean finish.

A bean with this finesse requires care in brewing. Our Stockton Graham & Co. tastemakers recommend brewing the coffee over ice, which preserves its flavor profile and allows you to refine the extraction.

Iced coffee brew techniques—whether you choose a pour-over method or an airpot brewer—generally call for the same coffee-to-water ratio: 1 part coffee to roughly 15 parts filtered water.New Ice Coffee Blend

The brewed coffee is then immediately introduced to ice, which stalls the oxidation process and preserves the flavor that was created when brewed hot.

These are our two recommended brewing techniques:

Pour-Over Method (20 oz Serving)
20 gr coffee: 180 gr water: 100 gr ice

Brew Method
1. Weigh 20 grams of Stockton’s Iced Coffee Blend.
2. Grind fine (about the coarseness of table salt).
3. Fold filter, place it into filter holder, pre-wet it and discard wetting water.
4. Add coffee to filter and tare.
5. Weigh approximately 100 grams of ice and place in carafe on which the filter can rest.
6. Using water just off a boil, add approximately 60 grams of water to the coffee grounds, allowing them to bloom and begin to drain. Slowly add water in small increments until total weight of water reaches 280 grams.
7. Brew time should be approximately 3.5 minutes.
8. Swirl mixture until all ice is melted to ensure uniform dilution.
9. Pour coffee over ice in a 20 oz cup and serve.

Airpot Brewer/Double-Strength Method (3.8 Liters/1 gallon)
250 gr coffee: 2400 gr water: 1500 gr ice
Yield: 1 gallon

Brew Method
1. Weigh 250 grams of Stockton’s Iced Coffee Blend.
2. Grind slightly finer than drip setting.
3. Add coffee to filter basket.
4. Weigh approximately 1.5 Kg of ice, about ½ gallon and place in 1 gallon container.
5. Place container under coffee brewer.
6. Brew coffee on ½ gallon-batch setting (1.9 liters, adjust recipes weights and volumes according to your brewer).
7. Once brewing has stopped, add clean, fresh and filtered water to mixture until total volume reaches 1 gallon.
8. Swirl mixture until all ice is melted to ensure uniform dilution.
9. Store in refrigerator to maintain optimal flavor. Discard daily.
10. To serve, pour over ice.

To discuss brewing techniques with our master brewers or to order Stockton’s Iced Coffee Blend ($7.95/lb.), call 800.835.5943.