Single Origins

BEST SELLERS: Single Origin Coffees
Sumatra: Dry cocoa and notes of pipe tobacco, muted acidity and full body. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: Herbal flavors with notes of lemon zest and sweet chocolate and bright acidity.
Costa Rica: Sweet citrus fruits, hints of vanilla and spices with a clean, bright acidity. Colombia: Sweet berry and light citrus flavors, with a crisp fruit acidity.
Papua New Guinea: Bursting with juicy fruit flavors, balanced nicely with milk chocolate notes Guatemala: Sweet berry with hints of pepper and a bright acidity.
Brazil: Chocolate and nutty flavors with a mild acidity. Kenya Peaberry: Sweet berry/citrus flavors, lively acidity.

Stockton Graham & Co.® offers the following Single Origin Coffees:
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Brazil Alta Mogiana
These carefully selected beans really add to the complexity of the coffees flavor. This is a very approachable and well-rounded coffee that can be appreciated by even the novice coffee consumer.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Nutty – Caramel    BODY: Medium – Gentle     FLAVOR: Nutty & Buttery
ACIDITY: Soft – Low     AFTERTASTE: Sweet – Chocolate & Nut

Colombia Medellin Excelso
One of the highest grades of coffee available in the country of Colombia, this particular coffee has the ability to please both the seasoned coffee enthusiast and the casual coffee drinker. A silky body and a crisp aftertaste incorporate a “back-to-basics” style drink which markets well.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Sweet – Fruit     BODY: Medium – Silky     FLAVOR: Sweet Notes – Clean
ACIDITY: Crisp – Fruity     AFTERTASTE: Subtle Sweetness – Clean

Costa Rica La Candelilla Estate
Direct from the La Candelilla Estate in the Tarrazu region, our Costa Rica offering possesses sophistication sought out by specialty coffee fans. This 100% Arabica coffee contains all the bright acidity one expects from a high grown Costa Rican coffee. After the initial rush of brightness, the sweet, creamy body envelops your mouth offering you glimpses of fruit notes. Juxtaposed with mild spices, the clean finish proves you have found a truly wonderful coffee – full of tasting adventures and uniqueness rarely found from this origin. This coffee farm has existed since the early 1900’s when the Mora family began planting coffee seedlings on the property. Mr. Mora’s daughter and husband began fully investing and running the farm in the 1940’s, and only as recently as 2000 did a wet mill appear on the property. Today, under the family’s watchful eye, only the top quality, sun dried beans are exported. Truly this coffee is a work of love and dedication that can be experienced with each sip.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Sweet, Chocolate/Cocoa, Honey/Dried Nuts     BODY: Light, Smooth     FLAVOR: Pronounced Sweet Citrus Fruitiness
ACIDITY: Medium     AFTERTASTE: Finishes Tangy

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Ethiopian coffee has a distinct fruity flavor that significantly brightens the drink. This year, our choice is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, which offered the best flavor and cleanest taste in cuppings of Ethiopian beans, including a zesty fruitiness combined with hints of spice.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Fruity – Sweet – Hints of Spices     BODY: Medium – Soft and Velvety
FLAVOR: Herbal – Lemon Zest – Sweet Chocolate
ACIDITY: Bright     AFTERTASTE: Clean – Crisp

Guatemala Coban La Cascada
This is a coffee that can serve as the representative for all of Central American coffee. The wet-processing and moderate altitude it is grown in contributes to an acidic and full-bodied coffee, which will satisfy the need for variety in any cafe.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Deep Berry Notes     BODY: Silky Smooth – Syrupy     FLAVOR: Sweet Berry – Hint of Pepper
ACIDITY: Tangy – Sweet     AFTERTASTE: Longlasting – Tangy

Kenya Peaberry
This varietal has been selected for its bright and peppery acidity, which adds a unique liveliness to your cup. Peaberry is an undersized berries as a result of low sunlight and various other factors and it is sought after for its concentrated flavor profile.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Deep Berry Notes     BODY: Silky Smooth – Syrupy
FLAVOR: Sweet Berry Notes – Hint of Pepper
ACIDITY: Tangy – Sweet     AFTERTASTE: Long Lasting – Tang

India Monsoon Malabar
This coffee is monsoon processed, which means that after it is harvested and bagged it is left in a warehouse open to the monsoons and elements. This “ages” the bean. Unlike normal processed beans, this one is yellow and roasts more quickly.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Sweet Notes      BODY:  Medium     FLAVOR: Dried Leather, Spicy
ACIDITY:  Low     AFTERTASTE: Nutty, Woody

Papua New Guinea
Our new Papua New Guinea crop is bursting with juicy fruit flavors, balanced nicely with milk chocolate notes. Coming from the Lamari processing area, this selection is perfect for Indonesian coffee connoisseurs who want to experience some adventure in their cup. Aromas of plum and other stone fruit give way to a medium, slightly syrupy body. The essence of berry notes and chocolate finish the tasting experience and the slight tanginess lingers. This 100% Arabica selection can be enjoyed as a traditional brew or as a single origin espresso. The espresso method concentrates all the fruit and chocolate notes into a cohesive, sweet flavor that is enjoyable as a straight shot, but also stands up nicely in milk based drinks.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Dried Fruit – Chocolate     BODY: Creamy – Smooth     FLAVOR: Mild Chocolate – Plum Notes
ACIDITY: Tangy – Lingering     AFTERTASTE: Lingering Sweetness – Stone Fruit

Sumatra Mandheling Triple Picked
This coffee varietal is roasted at a dark level in order to omit winey flavors in favor of baker’s chocolate notes and a heavy body. Sumatra Mandheling is also incorporated into many of our espresso blends because of its full body and intricate flavor.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Sweet – Slightly Floral     BODY: Heavy – Syrup     FLAVOR: Pipe Tobacco – Dry Cocoa
ACIDITY: Muted – Dry     AFTERTASTE: Full – Baker’s Chocolate

Tanzania Peaberry
This Tanzanian coffee has been selected for its strong levels of acidity. The high acidity in this varietal magnify the flavor profile and is even stronger in peaberry form. The coffee is wet processed, eliciting bright notes and a balanced, creamy body.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Sweet – Mild Fruit     BODY: Balanced – Creamy    FLAVOR: Earthy, Woody, Dark Chocolate
ACIDITY: Bright – Tangy Throughout     AFTERTASTE: Long – Bright Citrus

Sulawesi Toraja
This cousin of the Sumatra varietal possesses the big, bold body associated with Indonesian coffees. However for those customer who are searching for a little more acidity, and soft tannin notes, this is the coffee for them.  Smooth, spicy flavors are balanced nicely with soft acidity and a sweet tobacco finish.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Spicy – Peppery     BODY: Heavy – Smooth     FLAVOR: Citrus, Bright, Sweet, Balanced
ACIDITY: Dry – Subtly Tangy     AFTERTASTE: Complex, Spicy, Slightly Sweet

Kenya AA Plus Iyego
Iyego is one of the most distinctive coffees found in Africa, and it certainly stands out in Kenya. Bright, lively tones and citrus characteristics make you rethink the possibility of coffee, and there is a wide range of flavor in every sip. Sweet tangerines, citrus fruit and warm chocolate notes will linger on the tongue.
Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Floral – Sweet     BODY: Gentle – Well-Rounded     FLAVOR: Sweet Chocolate – Fruity
ACIDITY: Dry – Lime     AFTERTASTE: Very Long – Sweet Tangerine