Espresso Blends

BEST SELLERS: Espresso Blends
Midnight Lotus: East Africa/Indonesia
Dark Chocolate and fruity flavors, heavy body, low acidity. Performs well in milk-based drinks. We developed this recipe 10 years ago!
Seda Dulce: Central America
Chocolate and caramel flavors with a balanced acidity and silky body. Single Origin Espresso. Brandon’s first espresso blend created in 2002.
Milano: Latin America/Indonesia
Sweet chocolate, earthy aroma, full, silky body. Great for straight-shot consumption. Our first espresso blend.
DILWORTH Traditional Espresso: Chocolate and sweet fruity flavor with a balanced acidity and full body. 

Stockton Graham & Co. has invested a great deal of time and energy into ensuring that the espresso you choose will best suit your needs. Espresso is constantly evolving, and we recognize that our pursuit of espresso excellence is unending. We also understand that no two coffee shops are the same, so we offer many different espresso choices, all of which excel in specific areas. Each of our espressos has a specific purpose and flavor profile, and our wide variety of choices will ultimately translate into quality and customer satisfaction. [read more]

Stockton Graham & Co.® offers the following Espresso Blends:

Emilia Blend
In the same family as our Milano and Roma blends, Emilia is the light-roasted sister. The light roast really sets Emilia apart, giving the blend a buttery body and fully sweet flavor that complements milk. Hints of berries and semisweet dark chocolate emerge in the aftertaste, especially in straight shots. That pleasant profile and versatility lend to Emilia’s popularity, which is beginning to rival Milano’s!

Latina Blend
We’ve had great success with dark-roasted Latin American beans in other blends, and the trend continues with this espresso. This is our darkest espresso roast to date. We set out to bring out qualities in the beans comparable to the popular candy dulce de leche, and those qualities come through in an overwhelming molasses-like sweetness that wraps up with an earthy, spicy flourish. The flavor comes through on its own or in milk.

Midnight Lotus Blend *PDF Flyer
The delicate and sacred lotus grows from humble mud. In this case, that mud is the often confused and clouded taste profiles of espresso blends that try to unite varietals from many different growing regions. Our roasting team worked for weeks to refine this blend, identifying and isolating just the flavors and qualities they wanted, and eventually pared it down to a harmonious union of a Sulawesian varietal with a longtime favorite of ours, a particular Harrar long berry. Midnight Lotus blossoms under a dark roast into a velvet-smooth chocolate flavor with the Ethiopian’s characteristic blueberry notes. The taste is as clean and pure as the petals of the lotus itself, a perfect example of how complex flavor can be cultivated in a simple blend.

Milano Blend *PDF Flyer
The crucial component of any espresso is its crema, the golden foam of sugars and oils that gives espresso its characteristic sweetness. Shots of Milano produce a superiorly thick, rich head of crema that concentrates its flavor, which may be why it’s our most popular espresso blend. Milano’s earthy aroma foreshadows its sweet chocolate flavor, and its full body has the famous smoothness of Milanese silk with a tanginess that hits the front of the tongue. It’s a great blend for straight shots or in milk.

Roma Blend *PDF Flyer
In Rome, the hustle and bustle of the narrow streets spills into numerous bistros and sidewalk cafés. Native Romans and turisti alike press into crowded, stand-up coffee bars, where they find, for a few brief seconds, sweet respite in a tiny cup. Our Roma blend gives you the pleasure of Roman espresso without having to struggle through la vita urbana. The deep roast brings out a chocolate flavor with a bittersweet quality highlighted by the blend’s low acidity. The body is full and commingled with notes of thick, syrupy molasses. This is a dark, potent espresso that works best mellowed by milk.

Siena Blend
Of all the hill towns of Tuscany, Siena stands out as one of the most storied and most beautiful. There’s nothing like having an espresso in an open-air café in the Piazza del Campo, right in the warmth of a Mediterranean spring. We’ve modeled this blend after that pleasant sensation. It’s a light roast with a very mellow presentation. Freshly ground, the scent of the beans has floral undertones. When pulled, the shot is sweet, with a medium-weight body that flows to a soft ending. It’s a great choice for introducing people to straight shots.

Trieste Blend
The port of Trieste was one of the first great commercial inlets to bring coffee into Europe, fueling the rise of the great cafés of Italy and Austria. This blend evokes that great tradition, whether blended with milk in the Viennese style or drunk straight in the Triestine style. Its dark-roasted, smoky aroma leads a suede-smooth body that wraps around the tongue, drawing out its acidity through to the finish with a sweet, dry aftertaste.

Organic San Remo Blend *PDF Flyer
Organic Sumatra Mandheling is combined with Latin American beans and precisely roasted. The Sumatran element of the blend introduces dark chocolate notes and deep earthy tones. The Latin American component enhances the flavor with sweet caramel and a dense, satisfying crema. When combined, the result is a consistently enjoyable shot which will shine in every area of your café.

Dilworth Espresso Traditional™ *PDF Flyer
Dilworth Espresso Traditional™ is an espresso blend that will satisfy even your most fickle customers. The recipe improves on a classic combination of Indonesian and East African coffees through a process of proprietary roasting creativity. This espresso has elegantly found a way to harness the very best of two rather different growing regions. The balance and contrast between bright and fruity East African varietals against the thick chocolate nature of the Indonesian signifies the essence of the espresso legacy.