Dark Blends

Cafe Roma Blend: Indonesia/South America Smoky, Italian-style blend. Peppery/spicy flavor that finishes tart with a nice acidity. Northwest Coast Blend: Indonesia/Central America Chocolate, berry and spice notes.
French Roast Blend: Central America Spicy chocolate flavor that maintains a bright acidity through a darker roast.
Winters Comfort Blend: Indonesia/South America/East Africa Chocolate and caramels with a fruity finish, thick creamy body and calm acidity.
Graham’s Greatest Blend: Indonesia/Africa/Central America Chocolate and dried fruit, aroma and hints of sweet pipe tobacco.

Stockton Graham & Co.® offers the following Single Origin Coffees:
(Printable PDF of all Single Origin Information)Stockton Graham & Co.® offers the following Dark Coffee Blends:

From Stockton Graham Coffees Brand:

Bayou Café Blend
French settlers in the Mississippi delta brought their taste for dark-roasted coffee with them. That taste survived with the Cajuns and spread up through the Deep South. This dark roast preserves the traits of bayou coffee. Its smoky, cedar-like character belies its smoothness and dark chocolate notes. This blend has a uniquely understated, tangy acidity and a sweet finish that’s well suited to being paired with desserts and pastries.

Billy Goats Gruff Blend
According to legend, coffee was discovered by goats belonging to an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi. As coffee lovers, we owe a debt to those goats, and this blend is our unique tribute to them. It’s a dark, high-octane blend of Brazilian and Kenyan coffees with a spicy aroma and complex flavors: slight, fruity notes wrapped around a clean, dry chocolate taste.

Blue Ridge Blend
The Blue Ridge Blend is one of the most popular choices from our North Carolina-themed blends. This blend of South American coffees and our own French roast has a rich fragrance of nuts roasted in the Appalachian tradition with a buttery smooth body to match. It plays across the tongue with acidity as brisk as mountain air and leaves a well rounded aftertaste that’s never bitter or sour.

Burning the Midnight Oil Blend
When you’re going the extra mile, burning the candle at both ends, you can count on coffee to keep you going. But pushing yourself doesn’t have to mean drinking vile drip. If you’re running on empty, you may as well refuel with the premium stuff. This dark roast of Indonesian and South American coffees has many nuances: a deep, smoky aroma; a creamy; and a spicy flavor with notes of nutmeg, clove, and cedar.

Café Roma Blend
Indonesia is a long way from the Campo de’ Fiori, and Latin America isn’t Caesar’s Latin, but those origins are the heart of this smoky, Italian-style blend. It has a light, peppery flavor carried in a body that flows as smoothly as the Tiber, with an aftertaste that ends tart and snappy. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but then again, the Romans didn’t have this coffee, either.

Cape Fear Blend
The Cape Fear River joins North Carolina’s Central Piedmont region to the coast, running roughly from Greensboro to Wilmington. Like its namesake, this blend joins regions, too: Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia. These origins give the blend a strong aroma and flavor with fruity characteristics and a sweet finish.

Cowboy Java Blend
Cowboys on the range had to settle for coffee roasted over an open flame. We tried to evoke the authentic spirit of the West without the authentically burned flavor. Cowboy Java has the spicy, woody scent of flame roasting and the thick, syrupy body to match. It’s strong, but not bitter like the cowboys of old had to tolerate, with a clean, chocolate-like aftertaste.

French Roast Blend
Coffee drinkers have come to expect French Roast blends wherever they go, so it’s key that your French Roast has a je ne sais quoi that sets it apart. Our French roast is a dark-roasted blend of Central American coffees. This blend has a smooth, inky body and subtle flavor. Though a dark roast, its notable acidity resonates through the flavor profile, brightening towards the end of the tasting experience.

Graham’s Greatest Blend
Graham’s Greatest is our most popular blend to date, period. Its contents have been a jealously guarded secret ever since our co-founder, Josephius A. Graham, first developed it. Its inviting aroma and flavor feature hints of cocoa and dried fruit as well as Graham’s unique twist: the intriguing presence of sweet pipe tobacco. Graham’s Greatest is more than just a clever name, it’s a blend we’re proud to offer and that you can be proud to serve.

Hemingway’s Best Blend
Ernest Hemingway was an American writer whose works managed to describe exotic locations and complex emotions in a terse, simple prose style that has influenced many of the great authors who have followed him. Hemingway’s Best is an homage to that style, a blend of African, South American, and Central American coffees with caramel aromas and perfectly balanced sweetness, acidity, and body.

Italian Roast Blend
The Italian roast is a longtime standard in the world of coffee. It’s traditionally a very darkly roasted blend, and this is one of our darkest to date. It has a deep, woody aroma brought out by the heat of the roast, the same heat that unlocks bittersweet chocolate taste deep inside the bean. Our blend features those key characteristics of Italian Roast while maintaining a signature acidity.

Jumpin’ Java Blend
This dark roast was a dark horse (no pun intended). We originally offered it as a seasonal blend, but it just got too popular! Now we choose to offer it year-round. An Indonesian origin and our own French roast give this blend an unexpectedly enticing scent of darker fruit fragrances like plum and prune, and its flavor features a sensuous vanilla that flows to an inky smooth finish.

Magnolia Blend
Combining coffees from three world-class growing areas, this blend is defined by contrasts. It has an aroma of smoky cedar and a heavy body, yet the flavor profile leans to dark chocolate with candied fruit notes, and the aftertaste has a subtle pepper flavor. Likewise, its acidity is sharp and pronounced but turns very mellow overall as it sits on the tongue. It’s truly a skillful blend.

Northwest Coast Blend
A dark, Northwest-style roast of South American and Indonesian coffees, this blend conjures the experience of Seattle and the Puget Sound, where America’s specialty coffee industry exploded. It has a powerful, woody fragrance reminiscent of the evergreen Washington woodlands and a distinct edge that comes through the maple sweetness. And thanks to its extra-dark roast level, its syrupy body finishes with a velvety sharpness.

Southern Comfort Blend
Southern Comfort is a blend of our French Roast and several other top-secret origins that capture the warmth and flavor of the Southern climate and hospitality. It features a heavy body with a sweet spot of caramel followed by a nuanced, fruity-tasting finish. Paired with a warm, oven-fresh treat, it’s perfect for weathering the wintry North (or the company of a frigid Northerner). The unique varietals and differing roast levels of this blend perform beautifully together ensuring that each time you reach for a cup of Southern Comfort, you feel totally at home.

Thanksgiving Blend
Our roastmaster created this blend to unite the major coffee-growing regions of the world. Kenyan, Guatemalan, and Sumatran varietals come together to form a dark-roasted blend that appeals to a wide variety of palates. It’s sure to please everyone at your feast.

’Tis the Season Blend
Just as the holiday season brings us together, this coffee brings together all four of the major coffee-producing regions of the world for an inspired blend with a sweet, berry-like flavor and nice acidity. Flavor aside, the feel of this coffee in the mouth is a sensual, tactile experience all its own thanks to the perfectly balanced body. Though designed for the holiday season, this blend is excellent for any season.

West Coast Blend
Similar to the Northwest Coast Blend, this is a French roast of Latin American and Indonesian coffees in the extra dark style made famous in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhoods. It’s a tangy, tart blend punctuated by an earthiness and slightly peppery notes. The body is full and creamy with a deep chocolate finish.

Winter’s Comfort Blend
Winter’s Comfort is a blend of our French Roast and several other top-secret origins that puts warmth and flavor back into the colder months. It features a heady body with a sweet spot of caramel followed by a nuanced, fruity-tasting finish. Paired with a warm, oven-fresh treat, it’s perfect for weathering the wintry cold.

From Dilworth Coffee Brand:

French Roast Blend
Our take on a classic roast style, we choose high grown Latin American varietals that handle dark roasting well.  The result is a full, dark roast with low tones and a deep flavor.  The bright acidity found in these varietals is transformed into a milder version, with enough peaks of acidity to truly balance out the flavor profile.

Portico Classic Blend™
Created by using varietals from the three growing regions in the world, this is perfectly blended to bring out the best of each region.  Velvety body with mocha flavors countered with nice acidity and a tangy finish, this blend has it all.